Trip to Kualalumpur - Arrival , Airport Express and Shopping at Bukit Bintang

When our move to Singapore had got confirmed my husband booked for a trip to Bali to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. However due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone our trip and it did turn out to be a blessing in disguise because we got to combine some public holidays as well & made it a long vacation. We planned to head first to Kuala Lumpur & then fly to Bali. Each country has its own charm and nevertheless both Malaysia & Bali did not let us down.

Penning down the experiences & tips, here comes DAY 1 of our Malaysia & Indonesia trip.

Getting to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore :

Since Malaysia & Singapore are neighbors, they have simpler immigration systems for people travelling to & from these 2 countries. 

By bus : You can get to Malaysia through bus from Singapore which might work out slightly cheaper but definitely has the hassle of clearing the Immigration at Johor Bahru which can be a little tiring due to the crowd.

By Flight : Ideally flying is a better option to places like Kuala Lumpur, which is about 300 km from Singapore. Cheap flights are available from Singapore Changi Airport to KL and airlines like Tiger offer really good rates. We flew by Tiger Airways & the journey was very comfortable since it was only about a 45 minute ride.Tiger has a different pricing technique which all other airlines are adopting nowadays. Apart from the price for the seat, we had to pay for 20 kgs of luggage which costs us totally approx INR 3500 per person up & down.

Shopping Tips :

1 : Changi Duty Free :

No trip is complete without shopping & this time shopping spree started right at Singapore Duty Free. Singapore's Changi Airport offer a great duty free shopping experience with cosmetics, chocolates, perfumes all at really good rates. Cosmetics such as MAC is super cheap in Changi and I did pick up a lipstick from the MAC counter.

You can read about my Shopping Haul in my Parent blog here 

2 : Malaysia KLIA 2 :

Malaysia too is bringing up great shopping experience in both its terminals KLIA 1(exclusively for Air Asia) & KLIA 2. Since we traveled by Tiger, we landed in KLIA 2 which has shops like Vincci which is their local brand & has a great collection of footwear for affordable prices. I managed to pick up a pair of footwear for me.

Getting to KL central from KLIA 2
Getting to Kl central from Kl Airport

Travelling to KL City Center from the Airport :

The KL airport is located almost 50- 55 kms away from the city center and hence it becomes critical that you figure out the best way to get to the city. There are 3 ways to get to the city from the airport :

KLIA Express to KL Central
KLIA Express to KL Central
  1. Taxi : Taxi is probably the best way to travel if there are more than 2 people. A taxi to the city center will cost you approx 90 RM per taxi and can take anywhere between 30 min to 1 hour based on traffic.
  2. Airport Express : The fastest way to get to KL City Center from the Airport is by The Airport Express which costs RM 35 per person single trip. After you pick up your luggage and follow the signs to the airport express ticket counter. 
  3. BUS : The cheapest and easily the slowest way to get to the city is by bus. The bus level is 2 levels below the arrivals area and  you need to buy the tickets at the ticket counter before boarding the bus. Tickets cost approx RM 10 per ticket and the bus will drop of you at KL Central Station. 
Travelling to KL Central form the airport cheapest way
Travelling to KL Central from the airport cheapest way

KL Sentral how to get there?
KLIA 2 Airport Express

So based on your schedule and budget you can chose either of the 3 options. We chose to use the Airport express for our journey from the Airport to KL Central. 

KLIA Express time to get to KL Sentral
KLIA Express train

KLIA Express Train to KL Sentral
The inside of KLIA Express Train
Buying a SIM : 

We got our sim from the KL Central station as we had read online not to pick up the same at the airport, since it is costlier there. We bought a Maxs Hotlink prepaid card from the store at KL central station. We chose the basic plan as we were staying only for 3 days and our main requirement was only having a 4G connection for maps and UBER. 

Travelling in Kuala Lumpur :

After lot of research, we decided to make use of UBER for travelling inside KL which is really affordable & prompt. There are other taxi apps like MyTeksi which is also good, but their rates are higher than that of UBER.

Our Stay in KL - Thanks to Jeannie and Airbnb

We booked a studio apartment overlooking the KL towers via Airbnb. Our apartment was on the 14 the floor of one of the high rise condos at Lorong Binjai with unparalleled views of the KL Towers while costing us just around SGD 80 per night. A well decorated, spacious single bedroom flat all for ourselves. The swimming pool & gym were really well equipped.

Airbnb Kuala Lumpur
The couch in the living room 

Airbnb Malaysia KL rooms
Dining Area

Airbnb Malaysia KL room rent
The Kitchen

Airbnb room rent in Kuala Lumpur
The spacious bedroom
What we did on Day 1

After a very smooth check in and a short little nap to compensate for getting up early in the morning we were ready to explore KL and our first stop was Bukit Bintang , a shopper's heaven.

Bukit Bintang 

Malaysia and KL in specific is often called as a Shopper's Paradise and when we went to Bukit Bintang we really got to understand why.  Malls after malls adorn this area and I am sure there is something for everyone to shop here.

The rates in KL in general are very cheap as compared to Singapore and in the whole trip were like : Wow !!!! So cheap!!!.

Though one can spend the whole day here itself, we had allotted only the evening to Bukit Bintang and below are some of the malls / shopping complexes we went and we really liked.

Bukit Bintang KL Malaysia things to do
Bukit Bintang,  KL

Sungei Wang Plaza, KL
Sungei Wang Plaza, KL
Shops/ Mall not to miss

Pavilion Mall -  I cannot comment much about Hindi Films, but Malaysia is a really popular destination for shooting songs for Tamil movies, and Pavilion mall is one such hot spot.

Sephora Stand Alone Outlet -  This aside Pavilion mall is your one stop shop for shopping with both luxury and affordable brands at the same place. 

Berjaya Times Square Mall - We really did not spend a lot of time here but only went for dinner and a little bit of window shopping. Families with kids will find the theme park within the mall quite fun too.

Berjaya Times Square , KL
Berjaya Times Square , KL

Berjaya Times Square , KL things to do
Activities in Berjaya Times Square

Berjaya Times Square , KL things to do
Shopping Options in Berjaya Times Square

 View of KL Towers fro our Room : 

KL Towers view from room airbnb
View from our room window - KLCC towers

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