Kualumpur and Malacca - Day 3 and Day 4

Entrance to KL Cnetral Market

KL Central Market

So our last stop in KL on day 3 was the KL central market. We had heard that the KL central market is a great place to do some shopping at very affordable prices and we could not wait to explore. 
Though we had purchased clothes from KLCC we had some last minute shopping for souvenirs / handicrafts to be purchased from the market. As the name suggests its the market is quite close to the city centre and we took an Uber to the KL Central market. We had read some great reviews about the place and it really did not disappoint us as it was one of the better-organised markets, that we have visited. 

Outside Area of the market

KL Central Market

KL Central Market- Air conditioned

KL Central Market- Lots to see and do

KL Central Market- Home decor shop

KL Central Market- One of the better organised markets we have been to 

Street shopping in KL
Street shopping in KL Central Market
Fish Spa

KL Central Market is quite large and after a lot of walking and picking up some stuff ( at some really good rates ), we were really tired when we spotted a fish spa. We have never tried a fish spa earlier and decided to give it a try. We took the 15 min package and the feeling was something very different. Definitely, a must try if in KL Central Market.

Fish spa- Yes thats the fish trying to gnaw at my feet

Lunch at KL Central

We had lunch at KL Central market in a restaurant on the first floor which was really a good place to grab a quick bite.

Malacca - Hatten Hotel Melaka

So after 2 and half days in KL which just whizzed by we were on our for a short trip to Malacca. Malacca is really a very small place that can be easily covered in a day. It is really quite famous among tourists for its World Heritage sites and it's laid back atmosphere.

We stayed at Hatten Hotel Melaka which was very close to the city centre and adjacent to the Dataran Pahlawan Shopping centre. 

Hatten Hotel Melaka

View of Swimming Pool from the room

Try the roof top buffet for a view of the Straits of Malacca

View from Top

Jonker Street

No visit to Malacca is complete without a visit to the famous Jonker Street. We had read mixed reviews of the place that it is quite a touristy , but our suggestion is that if yo are in Melaka over the weekend , this is one place not to miss. From the countless number of shops selling everything under the sun , to the amazing street food and the walk along the river in the night, this is one experience not to miss.

Tip : A really great place for souvenir shopping for your home. 

Street Food- Jonker Street

Jonker Gallery - Go in here if you want to buy stuff for home decor

One of the Jonker Street shops

Post Jonker Street the beautiful night view of Malacca

Really colourful rickshaw. Were dying to try them out
Malacca looked a lot like Paris at night.

Melaka Historical City Centre and Shopping @ Dataran Pahlawan

We had reached back to the hotel quite late in the night and we had a late start next day. We had planned for some shopping at Dataran Pahlawan mall and some sightseeing in the historic Melaka city centre. 

Dattaran Pehalwan Mall - A stone throw away from our hotel

One of the many shops in the mall- a great place to shop

Rickshaws that we saw the previous night

Took a city tour on this

Riverside - Day time

Malacca City Centre

Malacca Museum
Malacca Museum

Malacca River Tour
Malacca River Tour

Malacca UNESCO Heritage sites
Malacca UNESCO Heritage sites

Malacca UNESCO Heritage sight seeing
Malacca Sight Seeing

Malacca Sight seeing street shopping tips
Malacca streets

Malacca river at daytime
Malacca river at daytime

Street Arts in Malacca
Street Art in Malacca

Malacca River Boat Cruise Booking
Malacca River Boat Cruise Booking Centre

St.Paul's Church Remains in Malacca
St.Paul's Church Remains in Malacca

Taming Sari Viewing Observatory Malacca
Taming Sari Viewing Observatory Malacca

Windmill sight seeing Malacca
Windmill sight seeing Malacca

Mahkota Parade Mall in Malacca
Mahkota Parade Mall in Malacca

Bus to Singapore

From Malacca, we took the bus to Singapore  which took around 4 hours ( including immigration )

Bus from Singapore to Malacca
Bus from Singapore to Malacca
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